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SELL-SIDE advisory

AIM offers sell-side advisory services to business owners and private equity groups


buy-side advisory

AIM offers buy-side advisory services to companies seeking growth opportunities 

capital rAising advisory

AIM offers financial advisory services to assist companies with raising capital 

strategiC advisory

AIM offers financial advisory services to assist with growth opportunities and help owners restructure debt and equity. 

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We work closely with privately held, entrepreneurially led, and family-owned business owners in connection with a sale. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients before a transaction to understand and help sellers reach their personal and financial goals.

We typically work with businesses that generate $1M to $30M of Adjusted EBITDA, which usually translates to revenue of $3M to $300M.

We add value by executing a well-defined process, structuring and negotiating the terms, and enabling owners to lead their business during the transaction process. Selling a business is one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging experiences a business owner can experience, so it is important to choose an intermediary who gives your transaction the attention it deserves.

We leverage relationships built over years to add competition to the sell-side process and achieve more favorable terms than a seller would on their own. We help sellers achieve a higher purchase price than they could on their own without the representation of an advisory like us.

We also work with private equity groups, family offices, and other investors and assist them with exiting their investments.

AIM M&A Advisors works with sell-side clients to lay out a timeline that works for the Company logistically and design a structure that captures the most value for its shareholders.




We offer buy-side advisory services to corporate acquirers pursuing growth through acquisitions, to existing management teams with the purchase of an existing business they manage, and private equity firms seeking to leverage our connections and industry expertise to identify add-on opportunities for their platform companies.

Through our buy-side process, we help business owners identify companies that fit their acquisition strategy and have a high likelihood of generating an acceptable rate of return. 

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We assist low and middle market companies with raising growth capital in the debt and equity markets. When a company has growth opportunities but lacks the capital to support those initiatives, we locate the appropriate capital sources to help the company realize its goals.

If you are a business owner who isn’t ready to sell and retire or cash out completely, we can help you achieve personal liquidity without giving up majority control of your business through recapitalization, in other words, restructuring the ownership of your business.



Acting as an advisor, we counsel businesses on corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions, valuations, due diligence, fairness opinions, management presentations, negotiations, and recapitalizations.

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