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Zip Postal Code Makkah Saudi Arabia Fix

Unlike other nations in the general region (which use alphanumeric postal codes), the post codes of Saudi Arabia are numerical as adopted by the Saudi Postal Corporation (Saudi Post).[1] Street numbers and house numbers are not allocated in the country generally, causing many difficulties in postal delivery from town to town, from business to home, and so forth. In order to eradicate any sort of confusion and to make the system operate more smoothly, the postal code system was adopted. The general idea of such a system was an evolution of earlier simple postal districts in Europe, Asia, and the US. Most of the early adoptions took place in the decades between the 1940s and the 1970s.

Zip postal code makkah saudi arabia

The second and third digits (combined) are the code for the main post office in that region. The last two digits can indicate either an individual post office or a postal zone in that particular city or surroundings.

The postal code may consist of one or two parts. The first part contains 5 digits as described above. The postcode may be further categorized by a hyphen with the addition of 4 more digits for more clarification and preciseness of the Saudi National Address, making a total of 9 digits. For example, the simple and general postal code of Riyadh is 11564, and Turaif is: 75311. A more specific address within Turaif might have the postcode 75311-8538.[2]

In writing addresses in Saudi Arabia, generally the 9 digit postcodes are for home addresses, while businesses and PO Boxes will only have a 5 digit postal code. It appears, however, that this can vary substantially within different areas of the country.

Makkah is a significant region in Saudi Arabia that includes the cities of Jeddah, Taif, and Makkah. It is essential to be aware of the postal codes for this region in order to properly send and receive mail. Knowing the zip codes for Makkah can facilitate efficient delivery and communication. Here is a list of important zip codes for the Makkah region.

In conclusion, it is important to know the postal codes or ZIP codes for various cities in Saudi Arabia, particularly when sending mail or packages. Knowing the correct postal code can ensure that your mail is delivered to the right location, whether you are in Riyadh, Jeddah, or any other city. It is also useful to have this information when filling out online forms or making purchases online. Overall, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the postal codes or ZIP codes of the cities in Saudi Arabia in order to facilitate smooth communication and delivery.

A postal codes (also known as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code) is a code assigned to specific geographic areas to help speed up mail delivery and sorting. They include a series of numbers, letters, spaces, and punctuations and are included on the postal address. However, most postal codes in Saudi Arabia are simply a series of numbers.

This article is a compiled list of Saudi Arabia postal codes list, as numbers and postal codes for all regions are usually searched in detail, and therefore we will provide a detailed list of all postal numbers and codes, including the Saudi postal code Riyadh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia postal code, and other regions, so follow with us to know more about the Saudi Postal System and postal numbers.

It is a new service in Saudi Arabia, which is referred to as postal code Saudi, and its purpose is to have a complete numbering and coding system for all sectors of business or even individuals, through which the location of any facility is determined by its postal code with ease and speed, and all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been covered.

The division of postal codes depends on the divisions of the main and subsidiary streets that flow into them, as well as on the population density and the connection and link between cities and villages.

Saudi Arabia Postal codes are distributed in 8 main regions, and each of these areas is an administrative region, and this is indicated by the first number of the postal number, did you know that the order of importance of each of these sectors has been taken into account in order to ensure the smooth and fluidity of using this system Depending on the geographical location, as the cost thanks to that is the lowest possible cost?

The postal/zip code is a number, usually, that relates to your home address, which allows different postal companies ordering correspondence areas before being distributed. In other words, it is a code, key or numerical figure that helps identify a region or zip code. The main purpose of postal code is to facilitate the direction of something specific, so that instead of having to read the full address only the key and read a letter or package and is sent to the office relevant post in that area. See the list of Postal Codes of Saudi Cities Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Dammam below 2020.

Notably, the postal code may vary depending on the country, as an example of we can mention countries such as Mexico, the United States, and other countries use a key five numbers; when in other countries they use four numbers. Another example is Canada, where a combination is used 3 digits and 3 letters interleaved or its part in the UK is also a mixture of numbers and letters but can vary. In Saudi Arabia, the Postal code consists of five digits with only numbers. The term ZIP, an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan.

When Saudi citizens or Expats living in KSA write a postal address, they need a five-digit code known as Saudi Arabia Postal Code or ZIP code. These codes determine the areas and locations of the respective country and city as well. The most popular among Saudi cities is Jeddah postal code.

If you are living in Jeddah then will use Jeddah postal code for correspondence. In the same way, when anybody from outside Jeddah posts a letter to this city of Saudia, he also uses this code.

zip code and postal codes are the same. So if someone asks you about Jeddah zip code. you can write it as Jeddah ZIP Code: 21577, ZIP Code Jeddah: 21577

Khobar is also a big city of Eastern province with almost 2 Million population. This is the city of oil companies and workers having 50 KM distance from King Fahd international airport. Khobar postal code and Khobar zip code are much important in the correspondence of international oil companies working in the kingdom.

Taif is a historical city of province Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) spends a lot of time here in preaching of Islam. It is the fifth-largest city of Saudi Arabia with a total population of 12 lac. The people who want to know the Taif postal code or Taif zip code can get it from this passage. It is given as under:

Khamis Mushait is a city of the Asir province of KSA. It has a population of 13 lac and situated 884 KM away from the capital Riyadh. A large number of ex-pats live in this city. We are giving here Khamis postal code and Khamis zip code for their convenience.

This complex has a hospital of one thousand beds. This city is also known due to Al Jouf University. Due to this importance, Sakakah postal code and Sakakah zip code are used by the people which are given as below:

Najran is a Saudi city near the border of Yemen and is on fire nowadays due to the Yemen war. More than five lac Saudis live in Najran. You can use Najran postal code and Najran zip code by copying from below.

Everybody search his desired queries on search engine by his own styles. Most people feel ease to ask direct questions which are called frequently asked questions about a specific topic. We have given here some questions about the postal code of Saudi Arabia and its other cities.

Furthermore, the postal sector is divided into a maximum of 8 postal branches. One number branch is used for governmental and exceptional services. You can observe that the borders of the postal branches in Saudi Arabia are highways or main roads. Similarly, the branches to the west of the axis point are given odd numbers while the branches to the east have even numbers. Due to this structure of the Saudi Post, you can easily understand the Saudi ArabiaPostal code Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); or Saudi Arabia Zip code.

If we talk about the history of Post Codes, its advancement reflects the expanding multifaceted nature of postal conveyance as population developed and the assembled condition turned out to be more unpredictable. This happened first in extensive urban communities. Postal codes started with postal area numbers inside modern cities. London was first subdivided into 10 areas in 1857, and Liverpool in 1864.

After knowing the entire structure of the Saudi Post, you can easily understand the funda of the Saudi Arabia postal code and Saudi Arabia zip code. Likewise, Jeddah postal code, Jeddah zip code, Riyadh Postal Code, Makkah Postal Code, Madinah Postal Code, Madinah Postal Code, Khobar postal code, Taif postal code and codes of other cities of KSA are easy to remember for you.

Zip Code or postal code required when you are writing address. Every City have the Different Postal or postcode which is consist of five or nine digits. This ZIP codes system started in 1963 by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The basic format consists of five numerical decimal digits.And then it was extended ZIP+4 code for more Specific Location In 1983.

This is the Saudi Arabia Post Code page. This page includes the following content: Code Method, Envelope Example and Address Format, the way of writing the postal code correctly, reference link for postcode inquiries.

The first digit represents the postal region,the second digit represents the sector,the third digit represents the branch,the fourth digit represents the section,the fifth digit represents the block,and the last four digits represent the extended postcode.


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