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[S3E13] Short Squeeze

Means the short sellers are getting destroyed, but if you abduct the founder, the genius behind the company's product, get him to admit that the whole thing is a fraud, that stock price is going to plummet.

[S3E13] Short Squeeze

Season 3, Episode 14: As the Chiefs prepare for Super Bowl LVII, they reflect on their historic journey to Arizona. The Chiefs pack up and travel to Arizona, their home for the week, while they prepare to face Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. During a week of important preparations, distractions loom as seemingly endless media availability persists. Travis Kelce and Frank Clark lead the Chiefs to lock in during an important week of practice at Arizona State University. Enjoying the Arizona sun, Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus reflects on the climb, in both the long and short terms, that it's taken for the Chiefs to reach the top of the NFL. Then, in a memory-setting night in Glendale, the Chiefs defeat the Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Down 10 points at halftime, Patrick Mahomes guts out a nagging ankle injury to thrust the Chiefs into the history books. Travis Kelce, Nick Bolton, Isiah Pacheco, Kadarius Toney, and Skyy Moore catch touchdowns as the Chiefs light up the scoreboard. With 8 seconds to go, Harrison Butker kicks a go-ahead field goal to bring home a second Lombardi trophy over the last four seasons. Chiefs Kingdom comes together on Grand Avenue in Kansas City to celebrate one of the greatest runs in NFL history.

Season 3, Episode 4: As the Chiefs begin their 2022 campaign, defensive end Mike Danna reflects on his journey to the gridiron. Then, the Chiefs travel to Glendale to take on the Arizona Cardinals. Safety Justin Reid lobbies Coach Andy Reid to let him put his kicking capabilities to the test in a real game. When kicker Harrison Butker sustains an injury, Reid's talents are put to the test as the emergency kicker. The Chiefs breeze past the Cardinals to open the NFL season. On a short week, the team prepares to take on Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers in the first ever Thursday Night game on Amazon Prime. Down by ten points in the second half, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs rally to a victory over their division rival on the back of the longest go-ahead pick six in NFL history from rookie Jaylen Watson. Jaylen Watson chronicles his journey from a small junior college to the biggest stage in the NFL.

Season 2, Episode 1: Following a devastating loss in Super Bowl 55, the Kansas City Chiefs look to reload an already talented roster. We travel up to St. Joseph, Missouri for Chiefs training camp with newly acquired offensive lineman Orlando Brown Jr. as he details how his short time with the retooled offensive line has gone. Then, we rip open some packs with 5th year Chiefs offensive lineman, and professional Twitch streamer, Andrew Wylie. And finally, we kick it off in St. Joe as Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the rest of the Chiefs staff prepare to climb the mountain once again in hopes of a third straight Super Bowl appearance.

This week, on "The Franchise" presented by GEHA, running back LeSean McCoy has already transitioned seamlessly into the Chiefs backfield, but he has officially found a home in Kansas City. Adversity strikes the Chiefs Kingdom with back to back losses and we hear from the "Honey Badger", Tyrann Mathieu, about how the defense plans to turn it around. And finally, in times like these, it's best to reset the mind, and we take a short trip down memory lane with linebacker Damien Wilson, on where his journey to the NFL began.

Best Quote: "My diabolical plan has been put on hold for Christmas. My heart just melts when I hear the sound of children singing. ...Hah...not really. I'm just tired. Days are short. ...I don't know. Maybe I'm depressed." -Dwight

Sure, this episode served, at the time, to bring a lot of the old cast back in Carell's final season. Yes, you have to suspend some disbelief to think Michael Scott could put together something even half-resembling a coherent short film. But sometimes it's OK and fun to do fan service and, listen, we all remember this episode.

Later, drunk Pam will stare into Jim's eyes and they'll laugh. She falls off her stool and gets banned from Chili's for life. (Again, hilarious.) Jim gets her into a car and on her way home. It's all so clear: They love each other. Pam loves him and well, Jim is patently obvious about the way he feels. It's like a perfect rom-com but it's just one short episode of a sitcom. How did they manage it?! 041b061a72


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