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The Hex

The most popular are Hex color codes; three byte hexadecimal numbers (meaning they consist of six digits), with each byte, or pair of characters in the Hex code, representing the intensity of red, green and blue in the color respectively.

The Hex

Hex code byte values range from 00, which is the lowest intensity of a color, to FF which represents the highest intensity. The color white, for example, is made by mixing each of the three primary colors at their full intensity, resulting in the Hex color code of #FFFFFF.

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The Hex are a professional wrestling tag team most known for working in National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), consisting of Allysin Kay and Marti Belle. They are former one-time NWA World Women's Tag Team Champions.[1]

In August 2021, National Wrestling Alliance announced the Allysin Kay and Marti Belle would be returning, going by the team name the Hex, to participate at NWA EmPowerrr, on August 28, in a tournament to crown the new NWA World Women's Tag Team Champions.[2] At the event, the Hex defeated Red Velvet & KiLynn King in a tournament final to win the revived titles.[3]

On October 27, 2021, The Hex made their Ring of Honor (ROH) debut as a team successfully defending the NWA World Women's Tag Team Championships against The Allüre (Angelina Love and Mandy Leon).[7] On December 11, The Hex teamed with Chelsea Green at Final Battle losing to the team of Miranda Alize and The Allüre.[8]

Shane Romanchick is a TV and Movie News Writer for Collider. He also runs his own blog entitled Entershanement Reviews where he writes about and reviews the latest movies. In his free time he loves going for runs and playing with his beagle Butterscotch. When it comes to movies, he is a huge James Bond and horror movie enthusiast.

Disney +'s WandaVision picks up several weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame. After Westview, New Jersey, and its residents "vanish," the FBI and SWORD agencies begin an investigation. They surmise that the energy field encasing the town is the cause of this chaos.

They would later find out that Wanda Maximoff created the Westview Anomaly; it became a prison for the town's residents and Wanda herself. As with any intricate creation, there are several questions viewers may have about the Hex and how it functions. Thankfully, there are plenty of concrete facts we know about the structure.

Even though Vision died five years before the events of WandaVision, the pain from that death is still fresh for Wanda. Those who returned from The Blip haven't aged a day, and they feel as if no time has passed. With so much to process in such a short time, Wanda becomes overwhelmed by the loss of Vision.

Wanda's emotions unlock a new power within her, one that creates things from nothing. This chaos magic results from Wanda's lack of training; she eventually realizes what she has done and regrets it, but the Hex was not an intentional creation.

Over the course of the series, Wanda takes the town's resident's through a menagerie of different eras, settings, and scenarios reminiscent of old sitcoms. This is because the Hex recreates the eras in Wanda's favorite shows, as she was the happiest when she watched these shows with her family. She came to associate these shows with what happiness would look like.

When Wanda subconsciously creates the Hex, she wishes for a place where she can be happy with her love, Vision. Thanks to her flawed view of what contentment is, she flashes through sitcoms each time something out of place happens, eventually exhausting her supply of shows to choose from.

Wanda's Hex is as flawed as her vision of happiness is. This incomplete creation has a fragmented structure. The illusions closest to the center of town are the most elaborate. People, places, and things run on a sort of autopilot, fulfilling Wanda's wishes.

The farther one gets from the center, the weaker the illusions become. People start to stutter, freeze and malfunction the closer one gets to Ellis Avenue. This is as far as Wanda's Hex was stretched at the beginning of the show, though she would expand her reach later.

Once SWORD knew that people were being held inside the Hex, they tried sending in agents with state-of-the-art gear equipped. This preparation would prove ineffective, as the Hex transforms objects to match the era it is mimicking.

After their failed attempt to send an agent through the Hex, SWORD stopped trying to send people in. Only Monica travels through the Hex after this, and she does so multiple times. Darcy informs her that traveling through the Hex has adverse effects on the human body, as it is incredibly radioactive.

According to Darcy, going through the Hex rewrites cells on a molecular level, and Monica traveled through the barrier on three separate occasions. Viewers can assume that her doing this helped awaken her meta-human powers, starting her on the path to becoming Photon.

When Vision wanders outside of the Hex, he starts to fall apart. Without Hex's intervention, he cannot maintain his form. With Wanda so far from him, the only thing she can do to save him is to expand the town's barrier. It's an impressive display of power.

Wanda may be able to expand the Hex and her area of influence, but doing so comes at a cost. Before she increased the Hex's size, Wanda only lost control of the illusions on the edge of town. When she has to control a larger area, her control starts to wane.

While most witches can create matter, only a witch with Chaos Magic can create something from nothing. Agatha explains how rare a Scarlet Witch is when she reveals herself to Wanda. The Dark Hold even has an entire chapter dedicated to her existence. The Scarlet Witch doesn't need incantations or follow the rules; she rewrites reality to her choosing.

Though Wanda's powers are impressive, they are unrefined. Her Hex is incomplete, and magics cast with flaws have consequences. The most significant consequence tied to the Hex is that Wanda's children and husband need it to survive. If she releases the spell, they'll cease to exist.

Once someone casts a spell, it cannot be undone, so there is no way to free the children or Vision from this incomplete creation. The only way to free the people of Westview is by sacrificing her family.

When Wanda and Agatha fight each other, Wanda outsmarts the witch by casting runes on her Hex walls. This means that Agatha can't use any magic when she's in Westview. After she takes her magic, Wanda transforms Agatha into Agnes again, leaving her in town should she need her help understanding chaos magic in the future.

Apart from teaching her to accept the tragedies of the past, Wanda's biggest takeaway from her time in Westview is that she must learn to use her powers so that she doesn't hurt anyone else inadvertently again.

The series concludes with Wanda leaving town and heading into solitude with the Dark Hold, spending time searching through its pages for ways to save her children. Viewers will have to wait until Dr. Strange, and the Multiverse of Madness releases to see the true conclusion to this story.

The Hex is a tool that you can use to apply various upgrades to Armor, Pickaxes, Swords, Bows, Drills and other items. The requirement for The Hex is the Prosperous rank in the Museum which is a worth of 100,000,000 Coins.

The probe was nicknamed the "Hex House" case because police and reporters thought it had all the spooky elements of a Halloween story -- bondage, spell-casting, mesmerism, hypnotism. But this case was real, not a Halloween tale, and led to a short prison term for Carolann Smith, 45, and freedom for the two young women, Nell Willetta Horner, 30, and Virginia Evans, 31, who had been forced to live in an unheated basement of the house at 10 E. 21st St. and to turn over their paychecks to Smith. The young women told authorities they had been led to believe they would receive a great reward in heaven, called the "big payoff," for serving Smith, who apparently had devised a religion of her own. Horner told police that Smith had starved and beat her under the guise of religious purification." The investigation was touched off when Smith obtained eight World War II ration books for herself, the two young women, several fictitious names and for a daughter, Bonnie, that actually was her dog, BonBon. Neighborhood children told Alice Allen, a teacher at Lee Elementary School, where ration books were issued, that there was no Bonnie but that Smith had a dog named BonBon. They also knew that Smith and the two young women had buried a casket in the backyard in the middle of the night. When police investigated, they discovered Horner and Evans living either in the basement or in the servant's quarters and sleeping on orange crates without blankets while Smith lived in luxury. They found 45 pairs of expensive women's shoes, many of them unworn, silverware and glassware, clothing, jewelry, expensive furniture, 18 pairs of new gloves and cash. 041b061a72


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