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Strength of Materials by SS Bhavikatti: The Best-Selling Book on the Subject with Updated Content and Features

SS bhavikatti strength of materials pdf free download: The latest edition of the strength of materials ss bhavikatti pdf book is dealt with the updated content according to the revised syllabus. Strength of materials is a basic course for almost all branches of engineering.

strength of materials by ss bhavikatti pdf free download


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Recycling C&D waste and its use in construction materials are becoming an increasingly important area of study in the modern day. Several studies have been carried out to investigate the viability of using various wastes in construction and building materials. Waste foundry sand (WFS) is considered to be one of the wastes that are recycled into building materials. It is a by-product of the metal casting industry and is high-quality silica sand that is black in color. The usage of WFS introduces poor strength in concrete and asphalt concrete during the partial substitution of natural sand. In addition, it was discovered that the compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity were both satisfactory when fine aggregate was being replaced [13,14,15]. Coal bottom ash (CBA) and fly ash are two additional types of waste that are utilized as a partial substitute for sand in the manufacture of concrete. Because of their appearance, particle size, and silico-aluminous nature, both are tempting in the recycling process of concrete as a partial substitute for sand. They are by-products of industrial waste from coal-fired thermal power plants. According to research conducted on the replacement of fine aggregate on concrete production of CBA, addition at 50% and 100% increased fine particle content, water consumption, internal friction, setting time, and compressive strength. Flexural strength, on the other hand, remained constant, whereas split tensile strength decreased [13,16,17]. Fly ash is also being investigated for use in a variety of applications, including cement and concrete production [17], structural infill material [18], pavement [19,20], asphalt mixture [21], and fired bricks [22].


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