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Big DaysHow I Met Your Mother : Season 6 Episode 1

Ted approaches the two ladies, assuming he is going to be introduced to the woman he thinks is Cindy's roommate, but at that moment, Cindy kisses her, and Ted realizes that the blond woman is not Cindy's roommate but a girl she was dating. Future Ted tells his kids that Cindy and the nameless blond woman ended up having a daughter together. Then, he tells his children that he met their mother at a wedding. The scene flashes forward to a wedding: the church backyard seen earlier in the episode with Ted and Marshall. Ted admits to Marshall that he is nervous about his toast at the wedding and he wants it to be perfect. It is also revealed that Ted is the best man, and is called in by Lily. It starts to rain, and Ted says that he does not have an umbrella.

Big DaysHow I Met Your Mother : Season 6 Episode 1

All of the main characters are involved in their fair share of sad storylines, a testament to the character's meaningfulness to the fans. From the season 1 finale all the way up to the series finale, the show was always willing to deliver episodes that were best enjoyed with tissues for tears nearby.

The premiere of season 2 follows Marshall as he deals with Lily's leaving in the season 1 finale. Seeing how much Marshall struggled obviously got used for comedic purposes. Still, he is a loved character, and seeing him this broken was not nice, even if he did make positive steps at the end of the episode. An extra little gut-punch comes when Lily arrives at MacLaren's, before leaving again upon seeing the happiness of her friends.

The episode has a lot of laughs as Ted attempts to plan Barney and Robin's wedding until it becomes clear he is doing so to distract from his feelings for her. That is nothing new. What was new was Lily's heartbreaking admission where she talks about sometimes wishing she was not a mother. The conversation between the two friends is powerful and enough to make any fan tear up.

The episode sees Tracy and Ted at the Farhampton Inn in the future, realizing they have told most of their stories until Ted comes up with one. That story has a bit of emotion in it with Robin being reunited with her mother, but the true sadness comes after this story has finished. After Ted tells the story about Robin's mom, Tracy, one of the best characters of the show in her singular season, asks, "What mother is going to miss her daughter's wedding?" prompting sadness from Ted, and upon rewatch, fans realize this is because Tracy will not live to see her daughter's wedding.

The episode reveals that Ted is alone with a single Robots vs. Wrestlers ticket while everyone else is busy with more important things. It is a sad reveal to see Ted so isolated and stagnant. What makes the episode even sadder is when he visits the mother, and hindsight points to this moment foreshadowing her eventual death.

Straight off the bat, it is the end of a beloved show that amassed an adoring fanbase, automatically giving it a built-in level of sadness. However, the content within the episode does little to ease the heartbreak. Barney and Robin break up for good, the gang get old and drift, specifically Robin, who just is not a regular part of the gang, and then, of course, there is the death of the show's titular character, the mother, Tracy. It all adds up to make 'Last Forever' How I Met Your Mother's saddest episode.

If I'm being honest, Valentine's Day hasn't cracked my list of favorite holidays since elementary school. This has little to do with my relationship status and more to do with my love of excuses to throw silly parties, which adults don't tend to do as much. Whether you're celebrating, chilling, or looking to indulge in a fictional character's life rather than your own this February, the Valentine's Day episodes on Netflix can help keep love alive.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles is the twenty-third episode of the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. In this episode, the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn how each of the Mane Six acquired their cutie marks. This is the first episode in which all of the members of the CMC and all of the leading characters have a speaking role. 041b061a72


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