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Back To The Future: The Game. Episode 5: Outatime !NEW!

As Michael J. Fox was unavailable to reprise his role as Marty for the game, newcomer A.J. Locascio voiced the character instead,[22] though Fox later provided voice work for Marty's great-grandfather William in the fifth and final episode of the game, as well as for the three futuristic versions of Marty who appear in the game's final cutscene.[6][23][24] Locascio was able to get the part when his audition sample ended up in the email inbox of voice director Julian Kwasneski, and managed to impress both Gale and Lloyd with how closely it resembled the sound of Fox's voice during the time the trilogy was filmed.[22] Lloyd returned to voice Doc Brown and began his first recording session for the game in late September 2010.[25] Later, Claudia Wells joined the cast, reprising her role as Jennifer Parker from the first film.[26] Kid Beyond provided the voice for Biff Tannen in place of actor Tom Wilson in the game's original release,[27] but Wilson returned to voice the character for the 30th anniversary re-release.[28] James Arnold Taylor voiced the younger Emmett Brown.[29] Though the game features other returning characters including George and Lorraine McFly, voicework for these characters are provided by a variety of voice actors in the Bay Area. The song Back in Time by Huey Lewis and the News, which was written for the first film, appears in the game.

Back to the Future: The Game. Episode 5: Outatime

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Back to the Future: The Game received generally positive reviews. The first episode, "It's About Time", was praised by several reviewers as an effective start to the series. IGN's Greg Miller gave the episode a score of 8.5/10, writing, "it's a movie-inspired game that doesn't suck. Instead, it pushes the characters in interesting directions and whips up a good story". Miller praised Telltale Games for recreating the Back to the Future universe with attention to detail and for the iteration's witty dialogue.[64] Nathan Meunier of GameSpot gave the episode a 7.5/10 score, saying the series "shows a lot of promise with its debut installment". The review added that "the entertaining story that follows is enhanced by believable character interactions, imbuing the adventure with a great sense of authenticity". Meunier did note that the installment was "surprisingly light on challenge and content".[65] Ben PerLee from GameZone summarized his praise of the game by saying it is a "feel good cinematic experience that any fan of Back to the Future will want to check out, and everyone else would do well to check it out".[66] PALGN gave the installment a 7/10, saying that fans of the films "will find plenty to love with all of the callbacks and nostalgic moments", but calling the game's pace slow and the 1930s setting uninspiring. The review concluded: "Fans will delight in the more nostalgic and clever moments of "It's About Time", but it's a short, easy and somewhat bland introduction to the series, which we hope still has time to get a lot better".[67] In a 2/5 stars review, The Escapist said the first episode of the game "doesn't quite get the tone [of the films] right and fails to offer up much compelling gameplay". The reviewer called the setting, situations, and characters "bland", further describing the characters as "cardboard nobodies", and did not review the rest of the series.[68] The consensus among critics was that the voice acting was exceptional, with particular praise directed at A.J. Locascio's impersonation of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. Most reviewers were critical of the episode's puzzles as being too simplistic and easy.[64][65][67][68] Review aggregator Metacritic assigned the episode an average review score of 74/100.[54]

The final episode begins with Marty awaking in Emmett's lab back in 1931. After a conversation with Emmett via radio, you're tasked with bringing a "static accumulator" to the Expo. A tense meeting with Doc turns confrontational and Marty learns that Doc has decided to turn Emmett against science! The static accumulator is stripped from your grasp and goes flying. Check left of the nearby tent and try to grab the accumulator. Chase it to the left and interact with it twice more, until it begins to orbit the lamp post. Climb the post and grab the accumulator when it flies right next to Marty. It has to be quite close for this to work, but once you've grabbed it Marty heads into the Expo.

The cutscene brings us to the final challenge of the game. While clinging to Edna's DeLorean, Marty needs to attach three "flux overrides": Two on the front and one on top. Move up the right side of the car (select "front bumper") and then use the flux override with the nearby flux emitter. Use the flux emitter and to aim it at the dish on Doc's car. You don't need constant contact, just a cumulative 7-8 seconds or so. Move back up to the front bumper, then select the front bumper again to trigger a cutscene. Move up to the front bumper again and grab a windshield wiper. Use the wiper to close Mr. Fusion so you can cross over to the left side of the car. Move up to the front bumper and install another flux override the same way as before. 041b061a72


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