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Native Instruments Deep Freq For KORE 2 PC MAC

as with vintage keys 3, the sound quality is excellent. the sound set is not packed with heavy metal or synth-rock, but rather offers a great selection of styles and instruments to suit many different genres.

Native Instruments Deep Freq For KORE 2 PC MAC

kore's macros are not all bad, though, since the mod wheel can now be used to control macro assignments. in kore's newer version, the macro assignment screen has more control over the macros, and allows users to see exactly what will happen to their macros before actually assigning them. it's a useful screen to have, because users may want to choose mod assignments that are not actually what they're used to, or assign mod settings that may clash with the macros they want to use.

the new kore 'user interface' window offers only two panels, and no more than six knobs at a time. the left panel is for selecting various parameters that the macros will affect; it is divided into three main areas. first there is the global section, which consists of a further three assignable knobs, each with a variable assigned to it. second is the cross mod section, with another three knobs. finally, there is the mod wheel section, which is a five-up/down slider with a variable assigned to it. no matter what setting is assigned to the mod wheel, it will affect the macros associated with the global section.

the macros are ideal for playing loops, drum loops, samples and sounds, or for connecting to external audio-processing hardware, like a drum machine or any other hardware device. if a sound has a preset macro assigned, you can always play that macro, and kore will take care of the rest, by adjusting the parameters of the sound to match the macro you are playing. macros can also be assigned to control the volume, or pitch of a sound, or modify the parameters of the sound.


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