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Java Black Book Pdf Download

Description: It is the most recommended books suggested by many Java programmers, and also suggested by the universities for their students. It is the perfect book for beginners for learning Java. It comprehensively covers basic Java concepts such as programming principles, keywords, Java language syntaxes, Java 8 API, JavaBeans, servlets, applets, swing, etc. It is easily available in the market and you can download its PDF version. The book contains 1000+ pages. Its easy language makes it popular. In this book, each and every concept explained in detail with real-world examples, and at the end of each chapter, there is a collection of multiple-choice questions that are asked in competitive exams.

java black book pdf download

Below, there is the code of the class named, which is our test class:FirstDayAtSchool.javapackage com.javacodegeeks.junit;import static org.junit.Assert.*;import org.junit.Test;public class FirstDayAtSchoolTest FirstDayAtSchool school = new FirstDayAtSchool();String[] bag1 = "Books", "Notebooks", "Pens" ;String[] bag2 = "Books", "Notebooks", "Pens", "Pencils" ;@Testpublic void testPrepareMyBag() System.out.println("Inside testPrepareMyBag()");assertArrayEquals(bag1, school.prepareMyBag());@Testpublic void testAddPencils() System.out.println("Inside testAddPencils()");assertArrayEquals(bag2, school.addPencils());Now we can run the test case by right-clicking on the test class and select Run As -> JUnit Test.The program output will look like that:Inside testPrepareMyBag()My school bag contains: [Books, Notebooks, Pens]Inside testAddPencils()Now my school bag contains: [Books, Notebooks, Pens, Pencils]and in the JUnit view will be no failures or erros. If we change one of the arrays, so that it contains more than the expected elements:String[] bag2 = "Books", "Notebooks", "Pens", "Pencils", "Rulers";and we run again the test class, the JUnit view will contain a failure:Figure 6: Test failure

in order to get the pdf format of this article, you have to simply login to the site. Then you can navigate to -tutorial and download the book. If you dont have an account to the site you can create one. If you face any problems you can then contact support[at] . Thank you!

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