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Buy Stuhrling Original Watches

Most brands are quick to say that they pack the most value for the lowest price, but few are willing to walk the walk to back up that claim. Founded on the idea that everyone deserves to experience luxury, we put our personal spin on automatic and quartz watches for men and women to provide every wrist with a beautiful and affordable timepiece.

buy stuhrling original watches


While highly priced and luxurious looking watches are mostly reserved for important events, men need some casual watches which could enhance their personality while still looking classy and professional. The Aviator is exactly the kind of casual watch which men would want to have for their daily regular use. This does not mean, however, that you cannot wear this watch in important business meetings or social gatherings. Although classed as casual, this watch has all the elegance needed to be wearable in an important social or professional setting.

Admit it or not, a second hand inside the dial of a watch does increase its value. We all know that high-end watches on the market generally have a second hand inside. Thus what makes this Stuhrling timepiece valuable is the presence of the second hand without an increase in the price. The Aviator is also water resistant so you could go swimming and even do water sports or snorkeling while wearing the watch.

Matt is the Founder and Executive editor of The Watch Review Blog. For Matt, watches represent self-expression, art and freedom, and his ideal watch combines functionality with intriguing history behind it. Follow him on Instagram @watchreviewblog.

Stuhrling watches are an American company that was founded in New York in 1999. The company was actually founded by Chaim Fischer who decided to revive the name of a master watchmaker called Max Stuhrling for the name of the brand.

First up in our Stuhrling watches review is the Stuhrling Ascot from the symphony collection. The Agent features this very simplistic minimalist style with a black dial and slim baton style hour markers completed with slim hands.

In 2015, Zach Norris found a 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm at a Goodwill store in Phoenix. He bought it for $5.99 and turned around and sold it for $35,000 to a collector who also threw in an Omega. This same buyer who frequents Goodwill stores has also seen a variety of other luxury watches in the past at stores like these. You can read the story here.

Seiko watches are about as good as they get in this price range as well as at many higher price points. They make some exceptional watches and a quick search on Amazon netted two pages of choices for between $50 and $100.

However, Stührling wanted to make well-built timepieces that every man could afford. He left the luxury industry, in which he could have easily made a name for himself, and developed a line of watches that retails for no more than a few hundred dollars. Many of the watches feature automatic or mechanical movements and you can easily find some of their watches for under $100.

Surprisingly, good quality watches can be found for under $100, you just have to put in a little research. If you look at the movement in the watch, you can get some pretty decent quartz movements at a much better price ratio than you might with a mechanical movement.

I prefer vintage watchesas I find modern watches too big and blingy. This very day I bought a beautiful 1940s Bulova and am wearing it now. It still looks new and came full serviced. I also have a 40s Longines and a 30s Asprey of London with its original box. All reasonably priced when bought but oozing the style you just cant buy new. Look for antique dealers who specialise and watch/clock repairers who restore old models. The latter usually provide a warrenty.

My favourite watch is the CWC G10. It costs 170 pounds, but I bought it for only 50 euros in eBay. Very nice military watch. Also I recmmend the Gruen Precision, the first watch that Bond wore in Dr. No. Also I like Seiko a lot. If you want to go more classy some Russian vintage watches are a good choice. You can war them with leather straps, or in a casual environment with colorful perlon straps.

A 30-day money-back guarantee applies to watches and pens purchased at (If you purchased a Stührling product from another retailer, your purchase is subject to that retailer's return policy.) If you need to return an order, you can receive an exchange or refund when you return the item in new condition within 30 days; it must be undamaged and unworn. Watch straps are not eligible for return. Additional details and a link to the necessary Return/Exchange Request Form are available at the "Returns" page.

For 20 years, Stührling has been crafting high-end watches for men and women in the famous Swiss style. Headquartered in New York, the company takes its inspiration from the unmatched precision and style of Swiss watchmaking. The company is named for Max Stührling, a Swiss watchmaker from the 1800s. In addition to Stührling Original watches, the brand also sells pens and watch accessories. The company's products are sold at and at select online and in-store retailers. 041b061a72


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