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Eye Makeup Kits [TOP]

Upgrade your go-to beauty essentials with one of our makeup kits. A convenient way to experiment with multiple looks, Sephora has all the eyeshadow sets, face products, brow tools, brushes, and other pieces you need for any beauty routine.

Eye Makeup Kits

ColorON Professional Eye Shadow Appliques are single-use, hygienic, hypoallergenic applicators that require no makeup skills, no brushes or secondary applicators. Imagine an eye shadow that is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch.

Create defined, neutral eye looks with this nine-piece eye makeup set! Includes a variety of eyeshadows to complement any skin tone. Create completely custom eye looks with ultra-blindable shades. Eyeshadow primer provides all-day wear.

UPDATE, Jan. 28: Since EWG issued this alert on Jan. 16, it appears both Amazon and Ebay have removed the toy sold by IQ Toys from their respective websites. However, there are many similar toy makeup kits for sale by both online retailers. Out of an abundance of caution, EWG advises parents and caregivers to avoid purchasing any toys that include talc as an ingredient.

Here is the ultimate eye makeup set for the holidays for the perfect look every single time. This kit consists of the quick brow, big lash mascara and the winged stamp eyeliner ( intense black, to the point).

I bought the Pure Pressed Eye Shadow Palette in Naturally Glam and it exceeded my expectations. I've had trouble with eye makeup in the past due to sensitive eyes but this shadow wore beautifully and didn't cause any irritation. I wore it all day and night on Christmas and it lasted throughout the day. I plan to buy the other Palettes now that I know how good they are

There's nothing sexier than a smoky eye, and with autumn just around the corner, it's a good time to brush up on your blending and smudging skills. To save time, money, and skip an inevitable mess, add a handy all-in-one palette to your makeup bag. With a range of coordinating shades, specially-designed applicators, and easy-to-follow instructions, they're the best way to master the classic come-hither beauty look. Here are nine favorites.

Leave it to Bobbi Brown to create the ultimate all-in-one eye palette. It includes miniature versions of the legendary makeup artist's four favorite brushes and pretty, iris-enhancing hues like Rich Plum and Royal Navy.

THE MUSE PRO MAKEUP KIT: Includes professional products designed to work in all genres of makeup artistry. With a shade range curated for a global audience for complexions, eyes, cheeks and lips. Full kit includes: ESUM Pro Makeup Kit Bag, ESUM Brush Book, ESUM Brushes: T05, T07, V09, T11, 13, T20, V29, V33, T37, T43, T45, T49, V50, ESUM Pro Finishing Sponge, ESUM Pro Palette and Spatula, VISEART 01 Neutral Mattes, VISEART 08 Editorial Brights, ESUM Dual Eye Pencils in Brown/Gold & Black/Platinum, KETT Cosmetics Fixx Creme Palette in Olive & Ruby, KETT Cosmetics Fixx Creme Corrector and Blush Palette, KETT Sett Powder Compact, DANESSA MYRICKS Luxe Cream Palette: The Feminist, ESUM Dual Lip Pencils in Nude & Plum, LASHES IN A BOX No. 17, Lash Adhesive, ESUM Pro Detailing Scissors, ESUM Slant Tip Tweezers, ESUM Gentle Brush Cleaner, ESUM Hand Sanitizer, ESUM Set of 25 Mascara Wands, ESUM Dual Pencil Sharpener, Mascara. All makeup formulas and tools are Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty-Free.

A professional makeup kit should include everything that a personal one does. However, since MUAs need to consider all skin tones and types in application, their makeup shade range needs to be extensive.

Making Cosmetics is a product supplier for beauty companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether your focus is on makeup or skincare, or even a mix of both, we are your one-stop-shop for all your supply needs. If you are just starting out and working on perfecting your own formula, or would like to rely on our proven ingredients, our starter kits are perfect for you. Our starter kits include everything you need to create cosmetics like makeup and personal care products. Each kit includes a step-by-step recipe and enough ingredients to make several standard-sized containers of each product.We offer a variety of pre-assembled cosmetic kits like the Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup Kit and the Hair Mask Kit. Create professional quality matte liquid lipstick with our kit featuring a variety of neutral and bold colors. Use the Charcoal Clay Mask Kit to sell a skin care essential product with a variety of soothing fragrances to choose from. Shop for all your makeup and personal care cosmetic ingredients! Our starter kits provide you with everything you need to make lip glosses, face masks, hair masks, bases for hair color, eyeshadow, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our starter kits and other beauty product supply options. We are here to provide all the essentials you need to run a successful cosmetic and skincare company.

What We Liked: This kit includes everything you need for your eyes, including nine eyeshadows, two eyeliners and two mascara tubes. You can wet the eyeshadow colors to make the look more intense or use it dry to soften it up a bit. The makeup is designed for 24-hour wear, providing both smudge and water resistance.

As facial recognition has grown in use, experts are also realizing how important they are for facial recognition. Even humans have a tougher time identifying celebrities in photos when their eyebrows were removed. This could complicate facial recognition technology, with so many people using makeup to reshape and contour their eyebrows.

Theatre House carries most of the Ben Nye Catalog, including Ben Nye Creme Kits, stage blood, lipstick, creme liners, Final Seal, foundations, liquid hair coloring, liquid latex and just about anything you can imagine. We have the personal series and the theatrical kits as well. Whether you are purchasing a PK or TK series kit, Ben Nye is the standard for class and production.

Since 1955, Theatre House has helped millions of productions come to life by with theatrical supply products including gaffers tape, makeup, wigs, stage lighting, props, costumes, specialty fabric and much more. With world-class products from Ben Nye, Mehron, Rubies and Rosco - we're here to make sure your show goes on. Theatre House is located right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio in Northern Kentucky.

Create a unique look with the makeup paletteMAKE UP FOR EVER has designed makeup palettes for all areas of the face: the complexion, eyes, and lips. Choose from various colors to create your own look and unique color extravaganza. Makeup palettes have the advantage of being able to mix color powders and creams to obtain personalized shades that perfectly match your skin.The eye makeup paletteFrom nudes to vibrant hues, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of eyeshadows to let your imagination run wild. Whether you want to create a bold smoky-eye or a more natural look with neutral, beige shades, there's an eye makeup palette for every occasion and style. The ARTIST COLOR PRO PALETTE features eyeshadows with a variety of satin, shimmer, and matte finishes. With so many shades, the color combinations and styles are endless! Available in 3 different shade harmonies, this makeup palette is also very practical and easy to slip into your handbag for on-the-go or travel purposes. The PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE is intended for your eyebrows. This unique 4-in-1 box allows you to style, define, and sculpt your eyebrows just like the professionals. It contains an eyebrow wax, an applicator, a trio of powders, and a highlighter to take your look to the next level.The face makeup paletteOur face makeup palettes bring together different shades that can be used alone or mixed together. They allow you to sculpt, cover, and smooth the complexion. The HD SKIN ALL-IN-ONE PALETTE is suitable for all skin tones. It includes 12 shades to highlight, conceal, color, correct, contour, and sculpt your face for a natural, healthy glow. This palette offers natural second-skin make-up options with a satin finish and invisible coverage. With everything all-in-one, it is easy for professionals and beginners alike. Highlighting and evening out your complexion becomes very easy. In need of a lip and eye color to complete your look? No problem, use the blush shades as an eyeshadow and lipstick for a fresh and harmonious look!Special effects palettesMAKE UP FOR EVER offers products of high quality both for the general public and makeup professionals. With the 12 FLASH COLOR CASE palette, professional makeup artists have 12 bold shades in bright and original tones. These essential, dense, and creamy colors are used to create artistic makeup or special effects.Why choose a makeup palette?A face color palette gives you various shades in one place. This allows you to mix and match them to find the perfect shade throughout the changing seasons. Palettes also give you great creative freedom. So, you can color, conceal, cover, contour, tan, and highlight from just one compact and with a professional finish every time. Finally, the makeup palette is a great, compact, and practical item you can take everywhere. Need to touch up your complexion during the day or add a little more blush for your dinner? You have everything you need at your fingertips.


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