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[PDF] SQL Server 2016 Developer's 122

When you start a Desktop Bridge application (for example, a desktop application that is packaged as a Windows app) on a server that is running Microsoft SQL Server, the application does not start and you receive the following error message:

[PDF] SQL Server 2016 Developer's 122


I dont know if you solved this issue, but i had same issue, if the instance is local you must check the permission to access the file, but if you are accessing from your computer to a server (remote access) you have to specify the path in the server, so that means to include the file in a server directory, that solved my case

Remember to undo any changes (especially running as sa). If nothing else works, you can try to change the bulk load into a scheduled task, running on the database server or another server that has bcp installed.

My second breakout session is called "SQL Server 2016 'Hidden Gems.'" SQL Server 2016 is a gigantic release, so much so that it includes a large number of minor features that don't make it into the big keynote style presentations, and are perhaps too small for their own dedicated sessions. These "hidden gems" are great features can make your life as a developer or DBA much easier, but that a lot of users never find out about. This session covers several gems, and also touches on a couple of not-so-hidden features that I had to include just because they're so cool.


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