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When I try to upload a mp4 file it automatically redirect me (although I'm not sure it's a redirection) to the form, unfilled and no error message, even if I comment the lines in case of upload failure not to load the view again or if the rest of the form is uncorrect (it should not attempt to upload the video and load the form pre-filled).Whereas for example, if I put the wrong type of file, I can see the error message ('The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed' for example), or if the form is wrong I can see the error of the form.Finally, I must add that I modified php.ini to authorize such big files, and that I did pretty much the same thing with a form for pictures (jpg,jpeg,png...) which works perfectly but also redirect me to an unfilled form if I try to upload a .mp4 file.Edit: I just downloaded an flv video to try, and it uploaded perfectly fine, but its size was less than 8mb (default config), and a 40mb flv file had the same problem as the mp4 file, although I changed my config in php.ini for 100mb

PH (1).mp4

Here, you are using the concat command to read the list of video files that you created (fileList.txt) and copy the individual files in that order into an output file called mergedVideo.mp4. Remember, you are not re-encoding in this commandline because you are using the copy command.

Next, we use the filter_complex filtergraph parameter to instruct FFmpeg from where to take the audio and video. [0:v][0:a] means FFmpeg needs to take the video and audio from the 0th video (file1.mp4). Then, you tell FFmpeg to concat three files (n=3). The v=1:a=1 implies that there is one stream for the audio and one stream for the video.

I recreated your situation (as best I could) on this computer after I watched your video. I downloaded the same version of ffmpeg (don't know about build, since I am limited to using the 32 bit version), copied the executable from the bin folder into the main one, put an mp4 file called "video.mp4" in there, and used your exact command line parameters, minus the absolute path...

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