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Download NEUROLOGIE 250 Pdf !FULL!

The website combines the use of anatomical diagrams, live patient exams, video patient cases and self-evaluation tools to accomplish its educational goals. It utilizes clinical video patient cases as digital movie files that can be viewed online or freely downloaded for local repurposing.

Download NEUROLOGIE 250 pdf

DOWNLOAD MOVIES (in a variety of formats): If you prefer to download our movies for later viewing or for re-use, click a blue button labeled "Download Video" next to each movie. A separate web page opens that offers three different video formats for each movie file:

As of November 2012 (and updated in 2016), the videos that you view online, as will as the downloaded QuickTime 640x480 versions of our movies, include closed captions in English. Complete instructions for turning captions ON or OFF are available from the page "HOW TO SHOW CLOSED CAPTIONS ." There is also a link in the left-hand side Table of Contents. 041b061a72


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