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TMS Sparkle 3.2 Full Source

Sea Mauville was a facility commissioned by Greater Mauville Holdings and led by Wattson to extract the natural resources of the ocean. Members of the staff included Captain Stern, Dock, Professor Cozmo's father Raizoh, and Cap'n Salty. Due to several incidents, such as the closure of New Mauville, the facility was closed. After its closure, an environmental survey discovered that the ruins had created a unique habitat for Pokémon and plants, such as mangroves, which only grow there and in Mossdeep City. Because of this, its demolition was canceled, and the ruin was revived as a natural preserve.

TMS Sparkle 3.2 Full Source

If you want to manually check what's going on, the path T:\TMS XData\source\core\web should be added to the library path or TMS Web Core configuration. Maybe you can check how it is there and send a screenshot here?

There are two different library paths. One is the regular one that we are used to in Delphi. I believe it's the one showing in your screenshot. There you should not the T:\TMS XData\source\core\web folder.

I changed the Web Core library path to : T:\TMS WEB Core RSXE13\Core Source\XData and everything builds (when I started adding more of the T:\TMS XData\source\... folders, I would choke on other libs (eg the business core libs).

For the very first time since Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992), the story of a heroic cat-and-mouse duo continues as they appear in an alternate retelling of Frosty the Snowman (1969), Rankin/Bass' jolly-happy adaptation of Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins' popular holiday song. On Christmas Eve, in a small American town, a snowman named Frosty (Seth MacFarlane) comes to life, thanks to a magic hat which reveals to be the true source of his "all-living" spirit and icy-cold power. But in order to avoid melting in the warm temperature, he needs to go to the North Pole with the help of his friends, a kind-hearted girl named Karen (Tifanie Christun), a funny white rabbit named Hocus Pocus (John Cusack), a diaper-wearing mouse named Tuffy (Kath Soucie), and of course, Tom and Jerry (Richard Kind and Stepnaie Nadolny), who currently lives with their new owner and best friend Robyn Starling (Anndi McAfee) and works for her father's worldwide military company. However, Tuffy and Hocus' owner, a bumbling magician named Professor Hinkle (Peter Woodward) plans to steal Frosty's hat away for his selfish purpose of becoming a billionaire in magic acts, put an end to his soul, and destroy Tom and Jerry for humiliating his two partners, Pristine Figg (Tress MacNeille) and Lickboot (Corey Burton), nine months ago. Will these two former rivals of the house risk their own lives to protect Frosty as they did to Robyn in the same past? Or can Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Kathleen Barr) lead Santa Claus (Kevin Michael Richardson) on a rescue mission to save Tom and Jerry's group before they are doomed?

Just then, Hocus and Tuffy comes out of the school with the hat still over the rabbit, with the little gray mouse riding on top, and with Professor Hinkle in hot pursuit. By the time Hinkle grabs only Hocus, the wind blows the hat with Tuffy hanging on tight, and Tom catches it. But by then, he accidentally tripped on a block of ice, and lets go of the hat which then lightly places itself onto Frosty's head before Tuffy jumps off. And suddenly, to everyone's surprise including Hinkle's, Frosty transforms into a living snowman with real eyes through some looping trails of sparkle, saying, "Happy Birthday!" The children and the animals becomes delighted as they realize it was the magic of the hat that cause Frosty to come to life. But after he, too, finds out that the hat is magic, Professor Hinkle takes it back when another wind blows it off Frosty's head, changing the snowman back to his lifeless form with coal eyes. After shoving Tuffy and Hocus back inside the hat, the ridiculous magician vows to use it to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. When the children, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry state their objections, he mockingly tells them that when the children grow up, they'll learn that snowmen can't come to life. And before leaving the schoolyard, Hinkle even says that Tom and Jerry will share in the kids' lesson as well, and not interfere with his own affairs.

And so, the group left the schoolyard and parade through town, shocking other townspeople including the traffic cop, Butch Dog, who then accidentally swallows his whistle after excusing Frosty for being alive and naive. While on the way to the railroad station, they stop at the bakery and cafe where its owner, Red, offers Frosty free Christmas muffins for his handsome appearance and personality at the same time, so he can share them with the kids who had their healthy lunches during the class Christmas party, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus. After their light snack with tea that Tom and Jerry have recently brewed in a vacuum flask back at Starling Enterprises, the group arrives at the railroad station. But they realize they have no money to buy train tickets as the ticket man with his son, Spike and Tyke Bulldog, refuses to let them go on the train. Noticing a freight train heading north, Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus stows aboard in the refrigerated boxcar full of ice cream and frozen Christmas cakes, waving the other children goodbye when the train departs from the station. But unbeknownst to the gang, Professor Hinkle having already discovered that he has been outwitted by Tuffy and Hocus, also sneaks aboard, determined to get the hat back again.

As the train continues northward, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty notice that Karen is getting cold and realize that she has to get out as soon as possible. When the freight train stops to let an express train filled with Christmas travelers pass by, Frosty, Hocus, Karen, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry jumps off the boxcar just before the train starts off again. Seeing the gang foil him once again and becoming enraged, Professor Hinkle jumps off the train as well, but tumbles down the hill and slams into a tree where a pile of snow and ice falls on him, and a squirrel laugh at his misfortune. Now in the forest, as Christmas Eve begins to fall, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty, Karen and Hocus struggle to get as far away before Hinkle can catch up to them. But Karen, along with Tom and Jerry, is near hypothermia, and the woods are bitterly cold. And to worsen things even further, when Tuffy and Hocus makes a suggestion of building a fire, Frosty shamefully admits that he can't do it, because he is made of snow. Luckily, the gang find the forest glen where the woodland animals including the same squirrel who has his wife and their supervisor, an owl named Lord Owl, are decorating their Christmas tree to await the arrival of Santa Claus. On Frosty's request, Tuffy and Hocus convinces the woodland animals and they agree to build a campfire for Karen, Tom and Jerry. While Karen, Tom and Jerry are warming themselves up, Frosty ask Tuffy and Hocus who might be able to take them home before they freeze, and him to the North Pole before he melt. First, Hocus suggested by his pantomiming the marines and the president of United States, but Tuffy suggests of a help from Santa. Frosty agrees and promptly takes credits for the idea himself, much to Hocus' annoyance. He then sends Tuffy and Hocus back to the animals to get Santa, promising them some carrots and cheese.

Santa explains to Karen, Tom and Jerry that Frosty cannot melt away because he is made of the magical Christmas snow, and will always come back every winter. With Tom and Jerry as his volunteers, Santa then opens the greenhouse's door, letting in a magical gust of wind, known as the December Wind, which takes Frosty's puddle outside and restores it back to his typical snowman body. After the group adds the magic hat, which then made Frosty return to life (by transferring his soul back to his body), once more saying, "Happy Birthday!", Karen is finally reunited with Frosty, who is super overjoyed to see his friends again, especially Tom and Jerry, unharmed and protected. After they, Tom, Jerry, Hocus and Santa form of aring-around-a-rosy celebration, Karen explains she never meant to let him down even when he had sacrificed himself after promising to her. However, Frosty assures her that she will never ever let him down after his melting sacrifice and, as his love started to grow, he loves Karen and even his other friends for who she is, and who they are on the inside. Just as they're about to leave, Hinkle comes out from behind the tree and demands the hat back and Tom and Jerry to be done away with. Santa threatens never to give him any Christmas presents for the rest of his life if he ever touch Frosty's hat and annihilate Tom and Jerry. Trembling in fear and remorse at the consequence, Hinkle tearfully crumbles and begs Santa, Tuffy and even Frosty their forgiveness. Tuffy and Santa tells Hinkle that he is truly repentant for his mean attitude, and for harming Frosty secretly felt jealous of him, his fun-loving personality and his handsome-gifted voice at the same time, explaining that he doesn't know anything about how to become a gentleman, which Frosty kindly says that friendship exists everywhere. Tom and Jerry secretly lies to Professor Hinkle, saying that Figg and Lickboot will be released from jail to spend the holidays with Robyn and her father. They and Karen even encourage him to think that friends and charity with trust-fund are much more important than wealth. Santa then tells Hinkle that if he goes home and writes his apologies a hundred zillion times, he may find a present in his stocking on Christmas morning, which makes a joyous Hinkle bid Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Karen farewell and runs home to do as Santa says, assuming he may get a new hat.

Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is marked the fourteenth direct-to-video feature in the franchise, but on behalf of Warner Bros. Animation, it becomes the first Tom and Jerry production to be outsourced to Japan, the same as all of the original Rankin/Bass holiday specials. Animation services will take place at TMS Entertainment, its subsidiary Telecom Animation Film, and Studio 4 C in Tokyo, and Digital eMation in Seoul; a studio that previous completed the full animation for Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. At Warner Bros. Animation, after the script for the film was written, then the entire movie broke down into major and minor scenes, and visualized or storyboarded. Much like panels in a comic book, the storyboard illustrations are then arranged in sequence, giving Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone and the rest of the American and Japanese teams of directors, producers and animators an opportunity to see how the film's characters, actions and settings relate to and play against each other. Next, the Japanese animators create rough animation of the various scenes, using pencils and sheets of drawing papers. This preliminary work gives them a better sense of character proportion, weight and movement, all critical in determining how these animated individuals will appear and act. Another step of animation, known as "clean-up", refines the rough animation until there's just one clean, continuous pencil line for every character. On some scenes in that same pencil form, shadows are also added to provide the illusion of mass and dimension. For the final stage of animation, like Frosty, the film comes magically and fully to life with the addition of color through the use of ink and paint technicians. From character appearances, to costuming, to background settings, color plays a powerful role in determining the overall emotional impact of the scenes.


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