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We are a boutique M&A advisory firm specializing in buy-side and sell-side transactions for businesses with revenues between $3 million and $300 million. We also provide capital raising and strategic advisory services.


By being a boutique M&A Advisory, we are able to offer low and middle market businesses the quality of advice and level of attention you deserve. Unearthing value for every client we serve is our specialty, but it is in serving low and middle market businesses where our expertise really shines.. We excel in discovery and welcome intriguing challenges and opportunities to unleash each of our client’s fullest potential. We do this by focusing on Process, Positioning and Partnership, maintaining the strictest confidence, and taking the burden from your shoulders to ours.


AIM also works directly with its network of acquirers as a buy-side representative. We work directly with your development team to understand your investment strategy, areas of focus, and detailed criteria in order to source quality prospects that may not be interested in pursuing a broad marketing process. Our goal remains the same - connecting quality companies with the right buyers


Our compensation is cost effective and tailored to suit low and middle market business owners.


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The “RIGHT” buyer is one that wants or needs your company strategically. Our ability to identify these buyers and engage them actively to highlight the value is key to what sets us apart.

Our job is to drop a targeted net into the “RIGHT” buyer pool facilitating the most advantageous match possible. These buyers can pay 25%-100% more than other prospects due to their strategic needs and capabilities.

  • Proactively preparing the company for a successful sales process

  • Optimally positioning the company’s value proposition and financial information

  • Efficient and professional management of the process

  • Creating a “competitive” bidding environment with the “Best Prospects”

  • Anticipating and effectively responding to buyer concerns

  • Aggressively negotiating deal terms

  • Maintaining deal momentum throughout the process

  • Maintaining a tight process timeline

Modern Watch

AIM to be


Our 150-day transaction process keeps deals from falling apart. Excess time kills most transactions. We employ an “AIM Task” analysis, asking the right questions to generate a deep dive into the strengths and vulnerabilities of your company. This approach yields answers that prepare management for the diligence ahead, addressing issues timely and keeping positioning on track.

  • Enhance your market position

  • Improve financial performance and reporting

  • Identify prospective buyers, and the criteria each values the most

  • Establish awareness and interest with potential buyers

  • Reviewing your ability to succeed in due diligence

  • Working with owners and management on the presentation content and delivery

  • Identifying and assist in the resolution of likely valuation ‘detractors’

Financial Report

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Our extensive M&A experience allows us to strategically position the company and industry, streamline the due diligence process and minimize intrusion to managements daily operations. Combined with our unparalleled ability to identify and maximize EBITDA add-backs most never see, this provides the greatest multiple and business cash flow, which converts into the highest valuation possible.

  • Develop or refine your strategic plans

  • Customer procurement and growth analysis

  • Product profitability analysis and implementations

  • Leveraging brands and intellectual properties

  • Evaluating strategic acquisitions to achieve valuation arbitrage

  • Key management team building

  • Partner buyouts

  • Value assessments

  • Positioning for maximum add-backs

  • Conducting pre-due diligence

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More cash in your pocket now and in the long-term is not just a simple math equation. It begins with value but then incorporates many other components including working capital requirements, escrows, advantageous tax structuring, proper rep & warranties amounts and structuring and back-end opportunities. Done correctly, this maximizes cash proceeds in your pocket while also minimizing deal risk. AIM negotiates as many of these components as early as possible, most at the LOI phase, when the buyers are in love and the negotiating strength is in the seller’s hands.

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