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"Low & Middle Market Clients"

“M&A is all about the worth and not the costs


We are a boutique M&A advisory firm specializing in buy-side and sell-side transactions for businesses with revenues between $3 million and $300 million. We also provide capital raising and strategic advisory services.

AIM also works directly with its network of acquirers as a buy-side representative. We work directly with your development team to understand your investment strategy, areas of focus, and detailed criteria in order to source quality prospects that may not be interested in pursuing a broad marketing process. Our goal remains the same - connecting quality companies with the right buyers


Our compensation is cost effective and tailored to suit low and middle market business owners.

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AIM M&A offers sell-side advisory services to business owners and private equity groups who are contemplating the sale of a business.


AIM M&A offers financial advisory services to assist companies with raising capital to fund growth opportunities and help owners restructure debt and equity.


AIM M&A offers buy-side advisory services to companies seeking growth and opportunities 


“M&A is all about the worth and not the costs

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Selling your business is one of the most unique and important decision you will take in your lifetime as a business owner. Sailing the unfamiliar territory, the outcome of the transaction will have an impact on your life financially as well as emotionally, so it’s important to select an experienced and trusted advisor to guide you through every step of the process. As your advisor partner, we work to deliver the outcome you need for yourself, your family, and your business. We design a customized, strategic, and competitive process to find the ideal buyer and deliver the desired outcome.

AIM adapts to multiple avenues available when selling your company to different types of buyers. AIM primarily deals with two types of buyers, strategic and financial.


Strategic buyers are companies who tend to be in your industry and wish to grow strategically, structurally and geographically. They are under a lot of pressure to increase revenues and profitability and only so much can be attained through organic growth. Once a strategic buyer identifies an acquisition target that it desires, they have the ability to move quickly and pay the price necessary to acquire it.  In many instances this could be substantially more than any other prospective buyers. They almost always acquire 100% of the business, and the owner, after transitioning, can go off into the sunset to begin their next phase of life.


Financial buyers, generally known as private equity groups and family offices, wish to purchase a majority equity stake of the company with the mission of rapidly growing and selling it in the future. Their model will often include bringing in human resources for operational, sales and marketing functions along with growth capital. Depending on the management team in place and the owner’s desire, the financial buyers may want them to run the day-to-day operations or take an advisory role, helping to guide the company to the next level. Financial buyers usually work with the seller to build the company for 3 to 7 years and on the second sale, the original owners receive a second bite of the apple on their retained ownership.

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